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COUNT-UP CLUB 1000, “CC1K”, was originally designed to determine the top Soft Tip Darts Players in Singapore (2013 – 2022) & Malaysia (2016 – 2022). In 2020, we had extended the COUNT-UP CLUB to provide more opportunities for the upcoming intermediate-level players, by adding 2 new divisions CC850 & CC700.


COUNT-UP CLUB is a monthly tournament for DARTSLIVE players in the region. It is open to players who can score minimum of 700, 850 & 1000 in a game of count-up within each qualifying month to qualify for their respective divisions. This tournament aims to cultivate and groom more darters in the region and provide a regular platform for darters to spar and compete in a fair environment.


To qualify for a monthly STAGE Match, players must hit the minimum COUNT-UP score for their respective division. Qualified players will be invited to register for their respective Division’s MONTHLY STAGE FINAL Match.




Players will be allocated ranking points, according to their final positions in the MONTHLY STAGE FINAL Single-Knock-Out bracket. 



Selected top-ranked players from each division’s Ranking Table, after completion of all monthly STAGE Matches, will qualify for the GRAND FINAL.


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